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Cake pops falling off the stick?

Help! My cake pop fall off the stick immediately! What am I doing wrong? I’m using the flip-over cake pop maker. Am I not letting them cook long enough? Or is it the recipe?

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  1. The book says to cool the cake pops, place them in the freezer for 15 minutes or until well chilled then dipp quickly in the warm coating or glaze. Dip 1/2″ or 1′ of the stick into the melted candy melts and then insert it into a chilled cake pop.

  2. Let them sit as long as you can, I let mine sit for about an hour, then i dipped the end of the sticks in chocolate and stuck them in the cake pop, you then want to let that sit and dry another 30 minutes. You can do it in less time but i honestly think it makes a difference when you let them rest. I too have had the same issue and that is the only solution for me. :)

  3. They say to dip about 1/2 inch of the stick in the frosting/coating before you put it in the cake pop. It’s supposed to help keep it on. Hope that helps. :)

  4. Hi…. Well u have to let them cool for a little and I used candy melts / just warm them up them put some on the stick make the hole I pull it off and try to get some of the candy melt inside the hole and put it back on and try to get something that u can use to have the cake balls stand with the stick facing up….( when u buy eggs just keep the container/ tray that’s what I used ) and put them on the fridge until the candy melt gets hard…. Plus when u are using the frosting, glaze or candy melts to cover them add a little bit of vegetable shortening so that way it’s softer and cover easy cuz the fist time I made some the candy melts were still to hard and thick and they were falling off too and they didn’t look smooth/even enought …. Just add a little cuz u don’t want it to look too oily or that its to liquid and it falls off . Hope this helps :) Oh and by the way u want to use plain candy melts to get them on the stick and after wards when u want to cover them that’s when u used the vegetable shortening and be gentle and don’t flip the cake pops so much and so hard and don’t do it for too long cuz since the candy melts/ or glaze is usually warm it will warm up the one and the stick and will make it fall off ;)

  5. I had the same problem! Once your cakes are cool melt some chocolate then dip your stick into the Choc and into the pop! Refrigerate until cool! They will stay on the stick now!

  6. I got the cake pop maker because I thought it would make making cake pops super easy. The thing is, a cake pop is crumbled cake and frosting mixed together coated in candy melts. So, that’s why the cake balls fall off the stick right out of the maker. Because it’s just cake without the frosting to make it firm. It helps a little if you dip the stick I in candy melts or chocolate before inserting the stick in the cake ball. That kind of helps, but not really.

  7. well ive found that using candy melt methord is the best metjord for this problem they set harder and keep the sick more stable and in place

  8. After dipping the stick in melted candy, I push the stick almost to where I can feel it on the other end of the cake pop. I know some recipes say just 1/2 inch or so, but this way the cake pops never fall off of the stick when dipping.

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