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Icing cake pops??

When making cake pops what is the best way to icing them?
It it better to use actual icing and melt it in the microwave, or to use chocolate melts?
Which has worked and tasted best to you?

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  1. I had trouble with the canned icing, I think I microwaved it too long and it was too runny. I like using the candy coating mixed with a small amount of shortening to thin out the consistancy.

  2. I use the candy melts for the best results…BUT…If I making my lemon or carrot, pumpkin, or spice cake balls I use a recipe that came with my cake pop maker that has both melts and icing together…I like my last 3 to have that cream cheese flavor so I use cream cheese Icing and either white or orange candy melts…for my lemon I use lemon supreme icing and yellow candy melts…SO good…Look in your little booklet from your maker in the recipe section for the recipe…the coating will be a little softer than you might think but they harden quite nicely…I also add a lil’ extra candy melts, it doesnt seem to cause any problems…

  3. Here ya go…I copied this from the manual on this web site…

    Frosting Dip
    • 1 container (16 ounces) Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla or Lemon Frosting *
    • ½ cup semi-sweet chocolate or vanilla chips *
    1. Spoon frosting into deep microwave safe bowl. Microwave on HIGH power (100%)
    for 1 minute. Stir well. Blend in chips. Microwave on HIGH power (100%) for 1
    2. Allow to stand 2 to 3 minutes. Stir. Microwave on HIGH power (100%) for an
    additional 10 to 15 seconds if necessary to melt chips. Stir until smooth.
    3. Dip cake pops in warm frosting dip.
    4. Microwave on HIGH power (100%) for 10 to 15 seconds as needed to keep a glaze
    Makes about 1⅔ cups of frosting
    *Tip: Choose complimentary flavors of frosting and chips. For example, blend semi-sweet
    chocolate chips into chocolate frosting or vanilla chips into vanilla or lemon frosting

  4. I ice all of my cake pops with melts. I heat them in the microwave until runny and apply with a paint brush so they don’t get too heavy and break!

  5. I also use candy melts, they work really well. Heat them in the microwave and let them sit for a few minutes before dipping them or brushing them with the glaze and it wont take as long for the candy to cool.

  6. I have never had any success with the candy melts. It’s too thick and it never looks smooth on my cake balls. What am I doing wrong. What’s a different way to ice my cake balls?


    • Just add a little veggie oil… start with a little and you can add more if its still too thick. If you add too much, it tends not to stir in and you can dump a little out, but usually easier to just add more wafers at that point.
      I use a small cup to heat and dip, just tapping the stick on the side of the cup to get off the excess, so it doesn’t drip down the side after its been dunked. Takes a little time to set up, but everyone loves the way they turn out…

  7. I use the melts and they work great until I add red colouring? I got the “red” melts, but they are more pink. So I add red colouring and my dip turns solid?!?

    • hi i just read your post to put sprinkles on them just put then on while wet that is at least what I do hope this helps


  8. I just made cake pops for the first time, and dipped them in melted candy melts with some vegetable oil stirred in. The coating was way too thick. What is the optimal ratio? Or should I have used something else to get a thinner coating?

    • I free pour everything, but you can usually tell by the first pop whether you need to add a little more or not; when the cake ball falls off into the dip for example. I’ve been doing cake pops for a long time now, and I’ve heard of a wax you can add, but why change a good thing.

      So don’t give up, just add a little bit more until you get the consistency you want, then tap the pop on the side of the cup or bowl you’re using, to get the excess off (remembering to keep it angled up so gravity isn’t working against you to pull off the cake ball).

      Good luck!

  9. I am just trying to find a good recipe for a good cream cheese frosting to put on red velvet cake pops without buying a can or the candy melts. Same as Susie.

    • You can try the double boiler method. Boil water in a small sauce pan and put the candy melts (along with a tsp. of shortening) in a small glass bowl. Place bowl over top of pan with boiling water and stir candy melts. The heat from the water will keep the coating smooth. Another tip is to gently turn and tap the cake pop stick on the side of the bowl to remove excess coating, leaving the cake pop smooth.

  10. I need to make them for a graduation party but i can’t ever get them to stay on the stick when I dip them. Then when I turn them right side up they drip down the stick. I don’t have time to hold each one until it’s dry. Someone told me to freeze the cake pops before dipping them and it makes the frosting firm up quicker so it doesn’t drip for so long. I will try this but the last time was the first time I ever made them and it took me 4 hours to make like 18 of them. Ugh. I said never again. But now I have to make them for Saturday. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Also, can you use regular cake mix or do you have to buy those $6-$12 mixes from Kohls specially for cake pops?

  11. You can use a regular cake mix, just add an extra egg and in place of water, use milk- but only put in 1/2 as what is called for. I followed that recipe today and they came out great.

  12. Has anyone tried to add paraffin to premaid thinned frosting to dip cake pops in…doing them for daughters wedding and want to make sure they set up don’t have a soft coating

    • Hi ~ I use paraffin when making chocolate covered peanut butter balls for the holidays, and it gives them a nice thin but firm coating. So I should think it would work well for the cake pops too!

  13. Dip the stick in the chocolate before you stick them into the cake ball. Chill them for 10-15 mins to harden the chocolate and your cake ball will stay on the stick

  14. For those of you who have had success with candy melts, or frosting combined with candy, what brands are you using? Thanks

  15. I did my first couple of cake pops today and I’m not satisfied with them. They are dry, not moist. For icing, I just melted some normal chocolate chips with milk. Someone help me with the icing and tell me what exactly I need to buy so it can come out like in the pictures I’ve seen.

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  17. I have been making home made candies for years and new to making cake pops. To thin the candy melts you can use shortening, vegetable oil or gulf wax. They all work great. Sometime I will use a little of the wax and crisco shortening to give it a firmer texture. I also prefer morsels over the candy melts unless I buy the high quality from candy supply stores.

  18. I bought Wilton’s candy melts for cake pops. I bought all the vibrant colors.i dipped my cake pops and the the looked muted. They looked aweful. I look in my bowls and the colors are bright and beautiful, I dipped them… And the color was horrible. What happened?!?!

  19. I’ve been trying to make cake pops with just regular frosting, in this case cream cheese, but I don’t want to use chocolate melts, any suggestions? Is that even possible?

  20. I used frosting for my first batch of pops and feel they came out WAY too sweet. Is it possible to make Sugar cookie Icing for the top instead of using frosting/candy melts?

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