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How do I adjust boxed cake mix so that the cake pops come out better in the Babycakes maker? Do I add an extra egg, change the liquid, etc…. ???? I have a bunch of cake mixes to use and want to make pops with them but want to make sure I adjust them correctly! Any help is greatly appreciated! Much aloha!

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  1. The boxed cake mixes work well on their own, sometimes they don’t round all the way though. I have found that adding a little more flour (1/4 to 1/3 cup) until the batter is not quite as thick as brownie batter seems to help. Also, make sure you fill the cooking reservoirs full enough to get “round” balls. Good luck!

  2. You can definitely use boxed mix – you will need to adjust the recipe a bit as they are too light and don’t coat well or stay on the sticks.

    I have modified the cake mix by using 1/2 the liquid, an extra egg and a package of instant pudding mix. Makes for a dense cake ball which is deelish and coats really well. Remember to thin your coating with a bit of veg oil – and freeze your balls slightly before coating – and for a few minutes after to set the chocolate.

    Have fun!

  3. I really found a neat way to covert a box mix. Substitute one cup milk for any water content, use no oil add an egg. Works Great!

  4. Hi everyone, i just bought a babycakes cake pop maker and im very curious to know if I can use betty crocker or Duncan Hines cake mix to make the pops?? How do i adjust the measurement of ingredients to get great tasting pops?? Help please, Thank you

  5. Does anyone have any homemade recipes to use instead
    Of the boxed cake ? I have cupcake n cake recipes but not sure if they will work
    Dong know how to change the ing.

  6. Randi, I am looking to use box cake mix. Looks lke you figured it out but wondering do I do cake mix, one egg, one cup of milk. Or do what the box says plus an extra egg, milk instead of water and oil? THanks in advance

    • I added an egg to the amount of eggs the box said to use and cooked them for about 3-4 minutes and they turned out fine. I haven’t tried to do the chocolate coating yet so I’m not sure how well they will stay on the stick.

      • After chilling them in the freezer for 30 mintues I dipped my stick in a little melted chocolate and then added the cakepop and they looked beautiful!!!!

  7. Can I use a Pillsbury Cake Pop Mix with the Babycakes Cake Pops?? I’ve seen people talk about using a standard cake mix, but I have a Cake Pop kit. Will that work??

  8. 1st timer today and they turned out great!! Followed tips from earlier posts. Used milk instead of water omitted oil and used box recommended # of eggs. I used pillsbury moist supreme. Thanks for the tip that they were done when I saw steam. Roughly 2 mins. I preheated but then unplugged bc I wasn’t fast enough on filling and the 1st ones I put in we’re starting to cook before I was done. I plugged back in when all were full and waited on the steam. Thanks again everyone!

    • I just made two batches: one gingerbread (cake and cookie mix) and the other chocolate (cupcake mix). I used cake mixes, milk instead of liquid and half of what the liquid called for. It took about 3 minutes for the chocolate batch and 4 for the gingerbread. The gingerbread was a bit thin but baked fine. Love the idea to look for the steam and when you see it, you are done. Otherwise the pops tend to be a bit dry. Thanks for all the great help!!!

  9. Hi guys! I am making minnie mouse cake pops for my niece’s 2nd birthday. I’ve made the cake pops – cake mix, added an additional egg to what the box called for, substituted the milk, and omitted the water and oil. I am trying to get stick to stay in the cake pop, any suggestions? I also am using frosting and microwaving it until warm. Has anyone ever made minnie mouse cake pops? Any ideas? I am open to any suggestions :) thanks

    • Hi Lexi. How did those Minnie Mouse cake pop come out ? I’m thinking of doing Mickey Mouse for my nephew 1st birthday. Any suggestions on the best way to make them? What did u substitute the milk with? What’s the best way to decorate them?

  10. Awesome! Just made colorful cake balls using 1 pkg of Pillsbury white cake mix, 4 lg eggs and 1 C whole milk. Add whatever food coloring you want.
    Sprayed oil on paper towel and wiped on baby cake pan holes and cooking surface. Baked as instructed and viola! Perfect perfect perfect! These are great and really fun!

  11. Adding the pudding mix and using milk instead DOES NOT WORK. Its disgusting and too airy even when I used half the amount of water and eggs. I tried to fix the recipe by adding fudge like I did in my homemade cake pops, but that didn’t work either. now I know only use homemade recipe.

  12. I am going to try dipping the stick in chocolate before I stick it into the pop and then let it get hard before I dip it for coating.

  13. I tried it both ways. First one I did cake mix with half the liquid and used milk instead of water, the oil and only one egg.. The second I used a cake mix, half the liquid with milk, Tbs oil and three eggs as called for. They both came out great, however the first with more oil, less egg came out moister.

  14. Caramel Bacon Cake Pops with a Bacon Glaze (Need I Say More :)

    To make box cake work use any one of these … more flour (1/4 to 1/3 cup), using 1/2 the liquid, an extra egg, a package of instant pudding mix, substitute one cup milk for any water content or use no oil add an egg to the amount of eggs the box

    OMGosh! My cake pops came out sooooooooooooooo good. Everyone loved them! These tips worked great & I’ll use them time and time again.

    Thank you all for the help
    Tee St.Germain

  15. This worked great. I used a box of spartan confetti cake mix, 4 egg whites (instead of 3) and a cup of milk (instead of water). Thanks for the tip!

  16. my mother in law loaned me her baby cakes machine
    but she does not have the instruction book.
    would you please tell me how long they cook and if you put the sticks into the cakes before putting them in the freezer ?
    also do you let them cool before freezing them?

    thank you in advance ME

  17. project due!!! I have to make 64 cakes pops to make cake pop snowmen.

    can I just make the cake like it says on the cake mix box WILL IT BE FULLY COOKED? or do I have to put less of the ingredients in there ?

    these have to be right and I have no clue how to make them in the babycake cake pop maker !!!!!

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