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Powdered Non-Dairy Whipped Topping

Can anyone suggest a substitution for powdered non-dairy whipped topping mix? I am hoping to make the coconut cake pops for a mother’s day spa party, but I have never heard of this product, and don’t think it would be easy to find in Canada. Any info would be great.

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  1. If you look in the baking isle at the grocery store you can use dreamwhip. That works or there is a product I beleive is called whipit.

    Hope that helps.

  2. I’ve used Dreamwhip for years. You can add a bit of icing sugar to it as well. Also works well for icing Angelfood.

  3. Try egg whites. Warm up a bowl and put the egg whites in with some sugar and stir til the sugar dissolves then whip like whip cream til fluffy and mix in lemon juice or vanilla. Tastes great! Make sure to use immediately though .

  4. I am looking for a non dairy whipped topping to put in creme pies. Do you know where i can find it? thanks

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