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9 oz Cake Mix???

Some of the recipes in the Cake Pop maker called for 9 oz. cake mixes. We haven’t found that at any of our grocery stores. What brands is everyone using? Or do you use a regular mix, which is about twice as much, and double everything else? Thanks!

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  1. I did find yellow ‘Jiffy” 9 ounce cake mix at Walmart. I ended up buying an inexpensive kitchen scale finally so I can weigh out the mix and follow babycakes recipes.They are delicious!

  2. I use a box of Juffy cake mix, which is designed to make 1 layer, half of a regular cake mix. They can be hard to find. Walmart used to carry then, but our Wamart no longer does.

  3. I have found the smaller cake mixes at the $1 store. Spice seems to be popular with friends and family.

    I also use the larger mixes, but then I’m making lots of cake pops!

    • This is not correct. What you have given is liquid measure. Cake is measured by weight. When weighed, 9oz is approximately 2 cups, but that will vary by brand.

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