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glazing cake pops

HELP!! When i dip cake pops in glaze the glaze drips and it doesnt harden. i also need help with keeping the pop on the stick it just slides. Thanx

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  1. im having the same problem to and i need a fix fast because i need to make atleast more than three dozen for relay for life

  2. I was having the same problem but what I do now is I let them cool off in the fridge for about 10 minutes. I pull them out and put some icing on the stick, insert about halfway and put back in the fridge another 10 minutes. That will help with the cake pops sliding down!!!! Then I do the icing and let them cool off again!!!!

  3. Last time I made cake pops, mine also slid down but then a friend (an aspiring baker, actually.) ;) suggested that I let them cool for a while. I did that and now they never slide down. :) I just make them all and then leave them for 15 minutes, then ice them and put them on! Voila! Let them cool, is my advice.

  4. Here’s a tip that I picked up, first cool the cake balls and then melt the chocolate. Then dip the sticks 1/2 inch into the chocolate and then insert into the cooled pop.

    Let those set, to speed it up put them in the fridge for 5 minuets and then dip the pops into the chocolate/glaze.

  5. I just don’t get it either,but what i do know is take your time with everything. I have a recipe book, and think if you go to the cakepop website you could find a good one. i myself just used my favorite cake mix!! Enjoy…

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