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Donut Maker question,

You have any donut recipes for the donut maker? can i use any donut recipe off the web. I don’t have anymore babycakes donut mix…

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  1. I just bought the donut maker today. I really want to make savory things. So, I’m askin: Is it ok to use the cornbread recipe for cupcakes which is posted on this website for use in the donut maker?

    Are recipes fairly convertible in general?


    • Yes, the recipes are fairly compatable. You can mix them and have no porblem. Although this is true, you may not get the most out of your finished product. I used both the “real” cake pop batter and Betty Crocker mix for my cakepops, and though the mix worked, the batter resulted in a firmer cakepop.

      I hope this helps! :)

  2. You can always use the recipes that came with the machine, and you can always look up recipes on this website… there are some good ones!

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