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freezing cake pops

I am making cake pops for my duaghters first birthday and I was wondering if I could make them ahead of time?

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  1. That is a great idea! Want to make them for my 3 year olds brithday but don’t want to rush around a few days before…how did you freeze them? Just pop them into a ziploc bag? How did they turn out? Thanks!!

    • I made cake pops for my daughter’s wedding and froze them. I did not have the great results that other bakers are reporting. Mine came out very mushy and I threw most of them away, I may have used too much frosting in the cake pop mix and I seem to have more problems
      s with cake mixes that are labelled super moist or have pudding in the mix – too soft!

      • I know this is an old post, but it could definitely be too much frosting/icing in the mix and I too found box mixes way too moist or soft. I’ve been making cake pops for years and I used to put a lot of frosting in the mix, over the years I’ve discovered that even the driest cake recipes only need a little. I discovered this upon switching to using my kitchenaid to mix them. I put the cake in and let it mix for a good while, you’d be surprised some recipes almost need no frosting, like my pumpkin or choclate. Then I add frosting a tiny but at a time. Box mixes can be used, but the moist variety may not need much frosting at all. Hope this helps anyone. :-)

  2. I have frozen cake pops naked ahead of time and they turn out great. The day before I actually frost them, I actually dip the sticks in some melted wafers, stick them in the cake pops, and then refreeze them as it seems to make frosting and decorating them so much easier :)

  3. Yes, I freeze them before dipping for easier dipping and after I have dipped and decorated. I have stored them single layer in tupperware flat modular mate rectangle for up to 1 month with no issues. Un-dipped for even longer.

    • How long does it take for them to unthaw. I want to make these for my nieces graduation party any tips? I probably will need 100 of them…..:-p

  4. I only freeze them without being dipped. They are in a tupperware type container.

    I gave some to a friend and they have the chocolate coating on them and she froze them and eats them frozen. She didn’t say they did anything strange. They might sweat a bit if left to unthaw that’s why I only freeze them without the chocolate coating.

  5. Hi ladies – I typically make a huge batch of naked cake pops then put the sticks in before freezing. (Usually I’ll put the same as I’ll be dipping them with, or if I don’t have it figured out yet I’ll do half the batch chocolate, half white dipping/icing) This helps the sticks to stay put, and then I’ll layer them over wax paper in a large tupperware, usually alternating top/bottom so they’re even. With the 2nd layer of wax paper then you can put them opposite on top, and so on. It worked perfectly for me each time I’ve made them.
    Also, it’s nice to dip the frozen ones because it seems like the dip sticks better. :)

  6. I was wondering too how to freeze them. Can you freeze them before decorating? If so, then how long do you need to let them thaw befor sstarting to put the stick in and start decorating?

  7. To avoid condensation on candy-dipped frozen cake pops take them out of the freezer and put them in the lowest shelf of your frig to thaw out for 12-24 hours. The cake pops will be thoroughly defrosted and should not “sweat” as much as they would if you took them out straight from the freezer. There will still be a bit of condensation on them even when thawed, coming out of the frig, and if it’s a warm day, but if the room is cool the “sweating” will be quite minimized. :)

  8. I made 200 cake pops to donate to Coaches against Cancer so they could sell them for their fundraiser. Anyway the game was rescheduled for a couple weeks so how do I save them? They are dipped and ready to go. Should I take them out of their individual plastic wrap and freeze them? How should I store them and then thaw?
    Thanks, stacy

    • I learned recently that you can, indeed, freeze the pops in its packaging. Make sure your twist tie or ribbon is secured for each package. To thaw, I just set them on the counter until completely thawed. Any condensation on outside of package will evaporate. Product will look good as new and taste should not be comprimised whatsoever. Watch cake pop video by My Girls Cake Shop on YouTube. Extremely helpful advice.

  9. Hello! I am going to make cake pops for Easter sunday. I am going to bake the pops thursday night. And decorate saturday night. Should I freeze the naked pops thursday night? Or put in fridge? Thanks for any reply!

  10. I’m wondering if i have to shut off the cake pop machine or should i leave it on if I’m continuing to make a lot of cake pops?

  11. Has anyone ever made cake balls and transported over two day period? I have been asked to make a cake ball cake for my son’s wedding in New Orleans. Any suggestions?

  12. How long can the naked cake pops be frozen? I have baking a lot of cakes lately and when I level them off I feel like I’m wasting so much cake so thought I would turn it into cake pops for future events just to have on hand……

  13. Hi I would love to no once you have made you cake and cooked it, then put it in the freezer for cake pops. And it is frozen and then thaken out to defrosted and made into cake pops. Can you freeze them again. Before you put the melted chocolate on them. Please can you let me know.thank you.

  14. Hey im making cake pops and chocolate lolipops for this friday valentimes day. I really want to make tuesday. Can i do everything and all the dipping and decorating and freeze them till friday?

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