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Cake Pops using Boxed cakemix

Can someone PLEASE tell me if you can use a boxed cake mix in the babycakes cake pops maker?? Seems faster and easier for me rather than mixing all the seperate ingredients :) Thanks!

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  1. yes you can, but your batter will be runnier than homemade cake batter. honestly, i found it better using my own cake recipe (and it isn’t THAT much faster OR easier) cake mixes in a box usually ask for 3 eggs, water and oil. In my house, eggs are consumed rather quickly so my cake batter has only 1 egg,along with butter, sugar, flour, milk, vanilla and baking powder. plus any other flavour add-ins
    Of course if you have a favorite type of cake mix then of course it’s way easier to go that route! (i love cherry chip cake!)

    • I used Pillsbury Super Moist Yellow Cake mix, followed the directions completely (it already has pudding in the mix) and it worked perfectly. Just make sure you fill each cup all the way (but not overfull).

    • Hi, I have used boxes with great success. I make the batter as directed on the box but slowly add the water last until the batter is quite thick like pudding and discard the rest of the water. I fill the cups nearly full and sometimes they go over a little but it’s easy to just break away any pieces of overflow attached to the pops. Any type of cake mix will work just add your water slowly until you get the right thickness.

      • I also did what you did add water a little at a time but wasn’t sure how much was to thick but it worked. I also had the problem of overfilling them and had overflow problem. It was easy to break it apart but the more I did the better I got in my judgment and less overflow. The cakepops turned out really well at the end result.

    • I used Betty Crocker and mine came out great! Just add water lttle at a time and it works! I did not use all the water…probably only a 1/4 cup I ended up using.

      • What do y’all use to pour the batter into the machine? The bottle it comes with is a pain sometimes.. and I’ve tried a measuring cup and that gets messy and overflows quickly…

  2. I have been using boxed mixes with my machine. I added a package of instant pudding, and substituted milk for the water in the recipe. I omitted the oil and used the eggs required by the box. It made a terrific thick batter and the cake pops turned out moist and were a hit! Good luck!

    • Hi Chrissy,

      I’ve had issues the first time I used a Duncan Hines cake mix. They were flat. So should I try the milk for water and take out the oil like you did? You said it worked well? Round and all? Do I need to add baking powder or do you think this will do the trick? They didn’t rise was my problem. Thanks!


    • Hi Chrissy
      Used my cakepop maker for the first time yesterday, and followed your instructions to a T, and they came out AWESOME! Love the instant pudding idea! Thanks for the suggestions!!

      • this may sound like a very stupid question lol but when you say you added the instant pudding do you add the POWDER to the box mix that you are mixing, OR do you make the instant pudding on the side and THEN added it to the cake box mix that you are doing?

  3. From years of working with boxed mixes and decorating, I have learned through MULTIPLE sad experiences to check the expiration dates of boxed mixes. Doesn’t matter the “quality’ of the store…expired boxes can be in any of them. The most recent box I picked up had an expiration date three years ago. The fresher the contents, the better the rising. Too close to expiration may have been part of the rising problem.

  4. I am horrible at baking. Today I used the babycakes cakepop machine for the first time. It was so easy!! Did a lot of reading of various comments. I decided to use Pillsbury cake mix omitting the oil, exchanging the water for milk and using the amount of eggs suggested on the box. Now to the decorating. I am horrible at melting chocolate, but my hubby can usually do it with ease.

    • Get yourself a Wilton Chocolate Melting Pot. The secret to melting chocolate is not to melt it too long or too fast. Double boiler is recommended. Can use microwave if you reduce the power and check every 30 seconds to avoid over melt.

  5. Hi Emily,

    Did you ever get a reply to your question? The reason i am asking is because I have the same issue with my pops being flat……..busy busy mom trying to find short cuts to making pops and hoping someone has the solution

  6. I have a question…when using the boxed cake mix, do you add the eggs and water as directed on box, but omit oil? For pudding mix, is it the standard size box? I am planning on making some cake pops and dont want to ruin an entire batch of batter! lol Thanks for any advice :)

  7. Make mix per box instructions and let sit for about 15 min before putting in cake pot maker. 4 min should be sufficient. Test one to get correct time

  8. I used Betty Crocker’s gluten free Vanilla cake mix, substituted milk for water, omitted the butter, and added a small box of cheesecake pudding mix (powder). I did have to use 3 eggs but they came out perfect!

  9. Hi all, brand new owner of a babycakes and am eager to learn.

    I just tried using a pills bury mix, sub milk for the water, eggs as box said and no oil. Worked wonderful and for my first time I consider a whopping success. Played with times and ended up right at about 3:30 for a pretty solid brownish exterior and a nice soft center.

    I did however learn a great lesson. If you might overfill, never do it at the front where the latch is, makes clean up a royal pain. Live and learn though!

  10. One box of cake mix
    One small box instant pudding flavor to match
    3 eggs
    Milk to replace water on package

    I use a 1/2 tablespoon and its the perfect amount. I find that if I turn the machine off before I pull the pops out, it’s cool enough to refill after I pull them out. I just turn it back on after I’m done. I use scissors to cut off any Saturn rings I may get.

    This recipe made about 9 dozen cake balls

  11. I went on-line looking for cookie recipes you make with box cake mixes., found several and they make great cookies so easy……….so I thought…I’ll try the same recipes using my cake pop machine and……….the ones I have used have worked great! The pops get a bit crunchy on the outside but are still moist inside. My husband liked them alot! Going to dip them in chocolate later this evening so will see how they do on the stick covered with choc! Am anxious to see how they turn out! What could possibly be wrong with cake dipped in chocolate! LOL. If they turn out great I will be giving little bouquets of them as gifts throughout the year! :0)
    Happy popping!

  12. Just wanted to add a comment that I was out of pudding mix so used I used 2 pudding cups instead of the oil and swirled it into the batter. (Betty Crocker) It worked great!

  13. I omitted the oil and put milk instead of water with one package of instant pudding and a cake mix and they turned out great!

  14. I just got the baby cakes pop maker for christmas. I have been excited about using it but nervous too. Thanks for all the great tips they helped so much.

  15. hay,
    I tried with just a boxed ‘Greens’ butter-cake flavored cake mix and they failed. I have been too nervous to try again. Any help or opinions would be awesome.

  16. When you replace the oil for pudding how much pudding do you use? and do you mix the pudding in the cake while it is dry?
    thanks very much so. I just got mine for christmas and my friend wnats me to make some for her little girls birthday party.

  17. I just used the pudding method and it turned out great!! I used Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake mix as well as one package of dry instant jello pudding mix. I did not add oil, and substituted milk for water. I would really recommend this method to anyone starting out :)

  18. I’ve used Hines, Crocker and jiffy in my baby cakes
    Omit the oil, replace h2o with milk and follow egg instructions.
    You can add pudding to cake mix do not make pudding just add mix. Weather plays a roll with baking on occasion, if batter is too tight, add an extra splash of milk. If its too loose I mix in a tbsp of flour and baking powder. Perfectly moist & round cake pops every time. I do suggest you make the legit baby cakes pop recipe first do you know what batter consistency should be. Good luck and happy baking!

  19. Hello Everyone!
    So I will Be purchasing my cake pop maker this week and I ve been reading some of the comments about the boxed cake mix. I think im going to go with the Pillsbury but can someone tell me how long to bake in the cake pop maker for? and do i have to omit or substitute any thing for this boxed recipe so my cake pops to come out perfect ?
    Thank you for your time =]

    • Got my Baby Cakes Pop maker for Christmas. I have tried it a number of times and each time pops stick in the pan. I tried greasing and even flouring it but with no success. Tried preheating and not preheating. The pops only rise on bottom pan so what pops I manage to save from sticking are only half pops. I think it was a waste of money and will not buy any more of their products. Very dissopointed with it and I enjoy making cake pops with cooked cake and frosting, so I quess I will continue with that but it is so time consuming. I was hoping Baby Cacek machine would correct that, but I was wrong.

      • I am not trying to be rude or anything but just for people wondering that might have the same probs. all i did to correct that is put alot of pam on it and then preheated it for about 2 mins while getting all my stuff ready. After that i unpugged it for about 2 secs and while unplugged whipped off the Escess pam and reheated it for like 5 secs then put the batter in didnt have 1 prob other than 2 little balls out of the whole 4 batches got stuff on the top but one i noticed that they were on the top i got them off with no prob, and they all tasted really good!!! Im 11 and it took me about 15-20 mins to make all 4 batches including making it preheating it puttin icening on them and getting each batch out. (it took about 5 mins for all of the batches to bake!)

    • no dosnt matter what kind you use or anything alls fine all come out wonderful to me. 2-4 mins baking its easier to tell if u just stand there and when u see it steaming there perfectly done thanke for your time!!!

  20. My daughter got one of these machines for Christmas… 2011… and we haven’t used it yet. Looking to use boxed cake mix for ease and am glad to see so much success.
    I’ve heard of adding pudding to cake mix, but I am curious, however, what is the rational for leaving out the oil? And using milk for water?

  21. I made cake pops the original way which was baking cake then crumbling Up the cake in a bowl, adding ready made frosting to the broken up batter in a bowl and mixing with spoon or hands. Rolled into perfect balls and they came out amazing. Just got the baby cake maker so will see what happened with same recipe minus the frosting for added moisture. I also had to replace eggs with egreplacer and used soy milk due to my daughters allergies.

  22. I just made Baltimore Ravens cake pops for our superbowl party and followed Jennifer’s recipe since we are gluten free. They turned out perfect! Frosted purple, black, and gold and everyone loved them. Thanks Jennifer!

  23. my daughter gave me her cake pop machine,she said good luck to using it.she has tried several times to make cake pops with no luck she didnt have the book that went with the machine.can you tell me how long to leave the cake in the machine? thanks

  24. Has anyone used Babycakes at altitude? I am at 7,000 feet and was wondering if I needed to add a little more flour to the cake mix, instant pudding, milk and eggs recipe? Thanks.

  25. Omg! 1st time making cake pops and followed the directions as above. Add 1 box pudding mix to cake mike, substitute water for milk, 3 eggs, didn’t add oil. Made about 48 cake pops. EXCELLENT!

  26. If I’m using a cake box that asks for 1/3 cup of oil can I reduce the amount or can I put something else rather than oil. Last time I made them oil was running out of my cake pops.

  27. I have to say all the tips were excellent. I used the Pillsbury cake mix & substituted the water with 1 cup of milk….the amount of eggs the recipe calls for on the box & instead of butter I used 1/3 cup of applesauce…worked great & tasted deliciously!!! I unplugged the machine while filling up the Fullerton the top(but not over filling) then I plugged it back in & cooked them for 3 minutes. Perfect!!!

  28. hey everyone got a babycakes cake pop maker 2 day and am going to make devils food super moist cake mix pops by betty crocker cake mix. any tips/pointers?

  29. Thanks for all the tips Ladies – my problem is the cake mixes & puddings U refer too are an ubknown quantity to meI live in South Africa!! Going to try a boxed cake & a powdered pudding of what we have here. Will follow all instructions faithfully. Hoping it works!! My machine is called a Safeway – definitely never mentioned by any of you. Got to get this going as I am very enamoured of the cake pops.

  30. Just used a box mix and they turned out great. Here is what I did: 1 store brand devils food cake, 1 box dry pudding mix, 1/2 cups ground flax, 3 eggs and 1 cup milk. Beat for 2 minutes and let sit 10 minutes before making pops. Batter was perfectly thick. Took 3 minutes per dozen. my son and his friends loved them! I use flax for extra nutrition and flavor, as we eat these a a healthy snack without frosting.

  31. I use cake mixes to make the cake pops. Tried Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Duncan Hines. They are all similar except for the flavors. Will never use Jiffy mixes again – had weebles in them because their package is not sealed tight.

    I use 1% milk instead of water, use the eggs and the oil on package with 1 package of pudding and 1/4 tsp of baking powder. comes out perfect every time. The oil makes the pops moist and fluffy. I do spray the cakepop trays every time with canola oil or the cake pops will stick. I get at least 6 dozen from one box with some needing more on top.

    I love how the brownie cakepops come out using the exact instructions from the Pillsbury box. Bitesized brownies that are so chewy and delicious.

  32. Hello,
    New owner of a Baby Cakes, tonight I made my first batch of cake pops, I used Pilsbury mix and the pops came out nice and round and tasted yummy, However, the pops were really soft, how am I supposed to frost them?
    Is that the reason you use the pudding mix??
    I appreciate any feedback and tips!

    -eager to decorate my cakes pops!

  33. Thanks so much for posting your recipe. I have used it many times and the cake pops turn out wonderful. Tonight I made them and added a little water. It made the batter easier to mix. Thanks for sharing.

  34. HI ladies,
    i am trying the cake pops today with the cake mix and water substitution and pudding recipe. i hope they come out right. i got my popmaker in December and never used it.
    i am in South Africa.

  35. We use regular cake mix w milk instead of water and left out the vegetable shortening…so simple I’ll definitely be replacing or usual cupcakes at school with cakepops.

  36. We used standard cake mix substitute milk for water and omitted the oil. They are fantastic so easy even easier than cupcakes.

  37. I love this machine! Just bought my second one and the only reason I had to get a new one is because of my own laziness at not cleaning it off after it’s last big use-but 10 bucks at BB&B, can’t go wrong! Twice a year, I get volunteered by my sweet little son to make 200+ cake balls for a really fun carnival-type event at their school. The kids buy things at the different class vendors with fake money & our shop is always a hit! I use the cake mix recipe-whatever the kids in my shop donate (haven’t noticed a difference in brands) add the eggs, milk, and pudding and they turn out great every time. I have my little crock pot there with the frosting recipe from the book (canned frosting and chocolate chips) and I dip the cake balls in and the kids sprinkle whatever they want onto them. It’s a great project for them and a great activity for whatever you need it for. One tip is if you are doing over 200 cake pops-use popsicle sticks rather than cake pop sticks! Far more economical…

  38. I just got my babycakes cake pop maker last week and I LOVE it. I made a couple different flavored pops from scratch and they were a hit with my husband and boys.

    I want to try a box cake and see how it turns out. I got a Betty Crocker mix and realized that it already says it’s made with pudding, so would I still add a small box of dry pudding mix or no? Thanks :)

  39. I will be trying Chrissy’s recommendation. I was just wondering, a lot of cake mixes already say they have pudding in the mix. If the cake mix already has it, do I still need to add another box of pudding? Thx all!

  40. Used the Betty Crocker cake mixes with pudding in it, omit the oil, and use milk instead of water. Used almond bark to coat and everyone thought they looked professionally made :)

  41. Hi sorry but what is pudding mix? I know I sound daft but am in the UK anyone know what brand I can get. Thanks. Linda

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  43. Hello Everyone!

    So I just bought the babycake cake pop maker and I do have a couple of questions. First I have read pretty much every comment here to get some good suggestions (thank you all).

    For my cake pops I want to use Pillsbury Sugar Free cake mix. I figured I could follow the suggestions of omitting the oil and adding milk instead of water. I can also add some sugar free instant pudding (I have made a cake similar this this before). Do you all believe this technique would work with cake pop maker?

    Also I live in Colorado so the elevation is high. What would you all recommend for the baking time?

    As soon as I get my pop cake maker I will make some and let everyone know how they turned out. That way anyone else wanting to use sugar free cake mix and pudding will have an idea of how well it worked.

  44. I have made these several times and you add one extra egg and milk instead of water to a boxed cake mix and it comes out perfect!!

  45. I divide the boxed mix in thirds as well as the pudding mix and store that mix in ziplock bags. Then when I am ready to bake, I use 1% milk, 1 egg and sweet cream butter instead of oil. I only make 1/3 the volume this way and they are yummy. I put a bit of a filling, truffle or candy in before closing the lid. I put a dollop, rosette or some cute design of frosting on top and they are cupcake bites. I use camping egg holders to keep them from rolling around. Not a fan of the cake pop sticks. I’ve also used silicone cake pop molds to hold them if not transporting them and for display.
    I recently used the fiber one 90 calorie instant pudding mix. One package is good for one 1/3 mix size. I used chocolate in a Hershey’s box mix and oMGsh how yummy was it? Off the charts.

  46. I used this same recipe and they turned out great. I didn’t turn off the machine though. I just moved fast. They took about 5 min to cook perfectly.

    I also would butter each well very quickly so they didn’t stick.

  47. sorry, I realized it’s not replying under the name I clicked on, it was Tara’s reply and this is what she had :

    One box of cake mix
    One small box instant pudding flavor to match
    3 eggs
    Milk to replace water on package

    I use a 1/2 tablespoon and its the perfect amount. I find that if I turn the machine off before I pull the pops out, it’s cool enough to refill after I pull them out. I just turn it back on after I’m done. I use scissors to cut off any Saturn rings I may get.

    This recipe made about 9 dozen cake balls

    Sharla : I used this same recipe and they turned out great. I didn’t turn off the machine though. I just moved fast. They took about 5 min to cook perfectly.

    I also would butter each well very quickly so they didn’t stick.

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