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How to get the sticks to stay in the Cake Pops>?

I just got my Cake Pop maker and tried it out. Very delicious recipes, and I cooled them in the white stand that comes with. But, I don’t know how to cool them with the sticks in them in a way to make the sticks stay. And what is the best way to ice them/keep the icing on them?

How to keep the sticks in them?
How to ice them with the icing in the best way?

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  1. Take them out of the white cooling tray and place them in the freezer for about 10-15 min.

    Take the stick and dip it into the melted candy melts and stick it into the cold cake pop. Put into the fridge or let the chocolate harden before dipping back into the candy melt for the finished cake pop.

    I have only used the candy melts on the outside of the cake pops.

    The icing I have used, I squirted into the cake pop once cooked.

    You can store the cooled cake pops in the freezer before coating in candy melts, if you don’t want to do them all at once.

    • Virgina

      I noted that you mentioned that they could be kept in the freezer to decorate later. I have been hoping I would run across someone that has……….how did you store them in freezer bags?

      Also how long did you keep them in freezer? I am going to need dozens and dozens of these for Christmas and thought perhaps I would get started in November

      Your thoughts?

  2. If you are going to coat them in chocolate, it is best to stick the stick in the chocolate and then in the pop and let that harden before coating the the whole pop. This worked for me. I haven’t done any with icing, only chocolate and this worked fine.

  3. When putting the sticks on always make sure they are solid enough. Put them in the fridge for about 15 minutes, then you can put the sticks on, my sisters a pro at this.

  4. Take regular cake frosting ( the kind that comes already prepared) and put into small bowl(microwavable) for about 15-30 seconds to melt frosting. Once you have cooled your cake pops and have them on the stick dip them in the icing. It coats itself and let it drip till nothing else falls off. I then take and roll them in different toppings, ie. Mint chocolate chips (ground fine in food processor), dark choc chips (ditto) Cinnamon & sugar mix, Coconut, Sprinkles….the list is as long as your imagination. For a different flavor with out the toppings when you melt your icing (frosting) melt mint chips or mint choc chips with the icing. My husband loves them all, I brought them to work and our staff went nuts over them. All I can say is use your imagination and your tastes for sweets and have a great time!!! :D

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  6. when you put in fridge after putting sticks in does this make any difference to the cake mixture i just use a silicon mould and basic cake mixture i have only done my first batch recently and struggled with sticks staying on when i iced them found it a very fiddly job what am i doing wrong

  7. Most cakes can be frozen for up to 3 months :)
    I wouldn’t freeze anything with a butter frosting, icing etc
    Cling wrap and put them in an air tight container :)
    Hope that helps :)

  8. Usually what i would do before was but the sticks in before freezing, but then recently discovered you have to let the cake pops freeze before putting in the stick. Now i suggest using candy melt, chocolate, and melted icing. Heat them up in the microwave constantly stirring in intervals so after you put the stick in, it will dry and stay put. :)

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