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cake mix cake pops

Actually I am looking for a recipe for cake pops using a cake mix. Can anyone help please?

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  1. Hi,

    I have made 2 batches of cake pops both from box mixes. My first time I used a Red Velvet Pillsbury box mix and the second I used Strawberry I prefer Duncan Hines Strawberry Supreme. Both turned out great! Although I myself do not care for Red Velvet and much prefer the Strawberry. One box of cake mix will make about 91 cake pops. I used about 1.5 lbs of chocolate. I used a make shift double boiler for my first batch did not work so well. I purchased the Wilton chocolate electric melting pot and it works wonderfully. I kept the pops in the freezer until I ready to dip them in the chocolate. I only took out about 4 at a time.

    Warmest regards,


    Happy Baking and Best Dishes!

  2. I used regular milk chocolate cake mix and they turned out great too! Now I just need to get something to keep the dip warm vs having to reheat it up every few cake pops… that was kinda a pain but they still turned out cute & yummy.

    • I bought (at Kohls) a little babycakes “Chocolatier” model # SC-1012. It looks like a mini rock pot and is designed to melt the chocolate and keep it at the right temp for dipping.

    • try using an electric skillet filled with about an inch of water, place chocolate in a coffee cup, keep coffee cup in the warm water, chocolate stays warm. when/if you need to add more choc to cup just add and pop cup into microwave a few secs, stir, and back to water, back to work :)

    • I used the “Bakers” melting chocolate and it stood melted the whole time, granted i melted the chocolate last after i made all the cake pops

  3. did either of you have to add anything different to your cake mix to thicken it up ? cake flour ? i have tried box cake mix, to runny ?

  4. I used a Duncan Hines Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix, added one package of chocolate pudding. Use 1/2 the amount of water stated on package and substitute it with milk. Add one more egg then it says on the package.

  5. I used a Duncan Hines Chocolate Fudge Cake mix, added one package of chocolate pudding mix. Used milk instead of water and cut the amount of Milk in half. Used one more egg, added some vanilla. And Viola YUM!
    dipped the little cakes in vanilla melted candy, sprinkled with sprinkles.

    • I am getting ready to try your version of using a boxed cake mix. The same one, Duncan Hines Chocolate Fudge Cake. This will be my first time using the machine. These will be for my daughter’s birthday party the next day. I hope I have first timer’s luck as I don’t have time for a practice run. How long did you bake your for?

    • I tried this version with the cake pop pan also added a pudding mix which it called for and they got very dry. Did you add the pudding mix? Were yours dry? Can I get your recipe my 5 year old wants me to make them for her class and I am having a hard time finding a good recipe to use with the cake pop pans. All the recipes I find are ones you crumble up and mix with frosting?

    • I baked mine for just 4 minutes. The directions say 4-6 but I found that any longer than 4 minutes made them too brown for my liking. Hope this helps!

  6. You can use the exact recipe, but 4-6 minutes is too long. I typically do 3-3.5 minutes. There is no need to change tha mix at all from the box! :)

  7. Hi everyone!
    I’m attempting to give this as a gift to a family member!
    I have the maker and chocolateir and sprinkles.
    Do i need a certain type of mix and frosting? And do i really need to buy a icing bag too?
    Please help me, id love to make this gift perfect, Thanks so much!

    • I have been using a ziplock bag for the cake/muffin batter.

      I eventually do want to get a good cake decorating kit. Right now I have a plastic one. I’d like to try out adding some icing or custards in the center of the cake pops. The one I have doesn’t have a thin tip to get the icing/custard in without breaking the cake pop.

    • Instant pudding.

      I have purchase a new cake decorating kit and added icing to the centre of the cake pop. When I put a stick in, I put it on the opposite side of the cake pop as the icing hole.

  8. Thank you Barbi for posting your recipe. I followed it exactly and have a success story for my first try! I burned my first three pops because I needed to get the hang of the heat of the unit. Thanks again!

  9. has anyone ever tried to make a carrot cake pop? everyone in my family is requesting them, but ive never made a carrot cake nor a cake pop in my life, so i can use all the help/advice i can get.

    other than that….what is the best cake pop recipe they already give you in the instruction manual, or does anyone have a favorite worth sharing?

    • I do carrot cake pops. I’ve made scratch and box.. Mixed with the cream cheese frosting and iced with vanilla melts, So good!!

    • I used a Duncan Hines Classic Carrot Cake. I put the hot water on the carrots and raisins, let them sit for 5 minutes, then drained them. Then I combined them with a box of instant cheesecake pudding, 4 eggs , the cake mix, 1/4c oil and 1/4c of milk. It made 54 pops. I made snowmen, doubling them up on the stick, covering them with white chocolate and coconut. Yummy and too cute!

      • How long do you bake them and do you have to preheat the cake pop maker each time. They sound delicious.

    • My grand daughter and I did and added a pudding mix. They were ok but not great. We decided that a pudding mix is not needed for brownie mix.

    • I used Duncan Hines Brownie mix. Followed the instructions on the box and it turned out fine. It took a little longer to cook, 5-6 minutes and the outside it really chewy/crunchy like the sides and tops of regular old brownies. My boyfriend and I loved it! Because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of dipping and decorating, I tossed them in powdered sugar then placed them in cellophane bags tied with festive ribbons once they cooled. Ended up being a cute little Christmas gift for the people in the office.

  10. 1 18 oz package strawberry cake mix
    1 sm package strawberry jello
    1/2 cup greek yogurt or sour cream
    2 whole eggs
    1/2 cup flour
    1 cup milk

    3-4 minutes in the babycakes maker

    awesome strawberry cake pops with intense strawberry flavor and deep pink color!

  11. Can I melt the Wilton Chocolate melts in a fondue pot so that it always is being heated and warmed or will it burn?
    How do you keep the chocolate warm for it to cover all those pops from one cake mix?
    Please advise. I plan on making them this weekend for the first time! YIKES! =)

    Thank you in advance for any advise!

  12. My daughter and I did chocolate pops, pink icing, some dipped in coconut, some plain icing, bagged and tagged with a Bible verse or “Fight Like a Girl” on them for breast cancer awareness month. Sold at a store event, did very well. Proceeds going to the cause. Came on here to get recipe ideas, thanks everyone.

  13. Just made red velvet cake pops with Duncan Hines mix. I used 4 eggs, no oil & half amount of liquid (switched water for milk). They turned out PERFECTLY! Thank you for the great tips!!!

  14. Can someone please give me a vanilla cake recipe either from scratch or a cake mix with alterations? I have tried the recipe that came with my babycake maker, and I have tried the cake mix with the pudding and I CAN NOT get my cake balls to come out “pretty”. They look like coneheads! The chocolate recipe in the book worked fine, but I want to make snowmen and prefer the vanilla…..PLEASE HELP!!

    • Theres a Funfetti cake pop mix, it says add
      1 tablespoon oil
      1/4 cup water and
      1 large egg
      I didnt see this before I made the cake mix boxed one, but this is what I did and it came out pretty good AND round.
      Regular Funfetti cake box
      1/4 cup oil
      1/3 cup water
      2 eggs.

  15. If i use my regular cupcakes recipe, will it work with the cake pops machine? or should i half the liquid ingredients (eg water etc) to get a good consistency for the cake pops?

    I would like them to stay on the sticks as I am making them for a christmas party at my partner’s family home and can’t afford to make a fool of myself ;)

  16. hello. i’m planning on making over 200 cake pop for the first time for a party!! i’m going to use a box mix.. but my question is… how long can i make them in advance and still taste good. I want to serve them on a sunday night… should i make the pop on a sat. morning.. then freeze them with the stick.. then decorate them sat evening. then freeze them again until sunday evening? will it melt? how long can i keep it out without letting it go bad. any tips on storage will be helpful! thank you

  17. i just got this wallmart cake pop maker and used regular chocolate cake mix recipie and it just was way to runny and didn’t bake at all and made a mess so i was wondering do i need a specail recipie for the cake popmaker to work or just return it?

  18. I am using a Pillsbury moist supreme strawberry cake mix for cake pops using the baby cake machine. It says to use 1 cup of water, 1/3 cup oil and 3 eggs. Should I use that recipe or change it a little? And should I spay the machine?

  19. For those of you wanting to make a delicious brownie cake pop, you must cook them longer than regular cakemix (about 7 minutes). It will seem like they are hard on the outside, but the frosting will soften it. Dip them in chocolate fudge frosting and roll in nuts…amazing. If you put the frosting in the microwave it makes dipping them really easy and they turn out perfect. Make sure to put some frosting on the tip of the stick before putting the stick into the ball, then freeze for 20 min to set, then dip in frosting.

  20. HELP I GOT A CAKE POP BAKEING PAN but no instruction or recipes no one said anything about the rubber clips where do you get them or are they really needed no one has ever said anything about them. where can I get the booklet I should have gotten. I hope to hear from one soon I need to make them for a bake sale on Sunday , to day is Thursday , do you have any idea what price I should put on these no one around here has made them. ?

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