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Decorating Cake Pops

HELP! Has anyone tried decorating the cake pops? I volunteered to make “owl” cake pops, similar to the one on Bakerella web site, for my friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday. Not sure how the candy will hold up…does anyone have any tips?

I’m planning on using the red velvet recipe from the cake pop maker instruction manual. Should I make the cake denser? And does anyone know how?

Thanks for any tips you can provide!

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  1. I hope this is helpful….
    after cake pop is cooked & on stick use 2 chocolate chips to form ears (using a dab of melted chocolate on their base to adhere them to pop). Then quickly dredge pop in melted chocolate/candy coating. Place pops in stand (or block of styrafoam from craft store) and when only slightly “wet” stick on:
    -mini m&ms for arms
    -chocolate covered sunflower seed or candy “pearl”
    for the nose
    -rings from a candy necklace /bracelet for eyes
    -the feet are from a jar of shaped sprinkles (I have
    seen that shape at Wal-Mart).

  2. The previous comment has great suggestions for the owl. Note in general… Adding sprinkles etc is easier than using the food markers for any of the cake pop designs, in my experience. My niece and I did several of the bakerella book designs and they were very cute but very time consuming so I’m looking forward to giving her the babycakes cake pop maker with the little Chocolatier to cut much of that work out.

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