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can you use cake mix for the donut maker???

I want to make cake donuts for my sons birthday but will cake mix work for the donut maker???

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  1. YES! There is another post from SRS on this Tips site with the recipe. I’ll repost it here, but give all the credit to SRS.

    Use 2 cups of boxed cake mix.
    1/2 cup water
    4 Tbsp melted butter
    1 egg

    Mix until lumps are gone (but don’t beat the heck out it). Fill wells 90% full. Bake for 4 minutes. Cake balls come out AWESOME!

  2. The question was …. could use cake batter or mix in a donut maker!!!! Not a baby cake pop maker!!! Answer the question please!
    Or start another thread!!!

    • I don’t think it matters whether its the donut maker or cake pop maker. Jenni was just trying to help and share what she knew about using cake mixes.

      And you’re telling her to answer the question, when i see no ‘answer’ from you.

  3. I followed this “cake pop” recipe and it is AWESOME and the best for the CAKE MAKER. It is my go to store bought mix recipe!

  4. I would like to know if you can use cake mix in the donut maker. So that way I don’t need to stick to the recipies the donut maker comes with. So if someone could please answer the question, thank you.

    • yes you can, use make the mix the same as you would for a cake, and it turns out better then D.D. :D also can use waffle mix and just add extra sugar vanilla and cinnamon taste fantastic :D and sooo moist :D

  5. Yes you can use cake mix in a donut maker. I have a donut maker and I called the company. There is a variation to use with the cake mix but I am not sure what it is.

  6. these are clips of other peoples post on cake mix. I included the names to give THEM credit. Some say use a spray, one review said that the spray degrades no stick – use oil/shortening … you decide
    SirTaz “Geniebugged” (Roanoke, Virginia)
    By We used a Betty Crocker* Cherry Chip cake mix/ 2 eggs – 1 cup milk/1 TBS oil.
    Now have ordered the French Vanilla to try – EXCELLENT – They do freeze well
    UPDATED: 5/11/2012 Betty Crocker Triple Choc Cake mix excellent making 70 perfect donuts [using only two eggs] taking about 5 min per batch – freeze very well – those that aren’t snatched up as soon as released from baker. -
    By Working Mom TOP 1000 REVIEWER
    I didn’t plan to buy this, but found it on sale and thought it would be fun to try. This little gadget did not disappoint. First I tried the basic recipe in the instruction manual. The little donuts were ready in 5 minutes and tasted delicious. I topped them with some chocolate glaze (Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes work well). I googled and found some healthy recipes online.

    The easiest way to make the donuts is to get a DUncan Hines cake mix and cut back on all the liquids – only add 1 cup of water (rather than 1 1/3), 1/4 cup of oil (rather than 1/3) and 1 egg (instead of 3). Mix well and pour it into a sturdy ziploc bag. Cut off one corner (very small corner!). Spray the donut holes with cooking spray and squezze in enough batter to fill the bottom half. Close the lid and cook for 5-6 minutes. One Duncan Hines mix will make about 3 dozen donuts. Once you get the timing down, they come out perfect every time.

    The unit heats up very quickly, and I wouldn’t let small children play with it. This is NOT a toy, it is not made for kids. It is an appliance for adults to use. And it’s very handy. Homemade donuts in 5 minutes. Tasty treats for all!

  7. Thanks so much for telling how to use a cake mix to make donuts. We used a a whole cake mix and got about 13 donuts and they were real real yummy. I was a little worried that the cake mix wouldn’t work in my Sunbeam donuts maker but I was very glad that it did work. I have one question can I add fruit to the cake mix?

  8. I used Jenni’s boxed recipie (2nd comment for those looking) in the donut maker. They turned out great. I used red velvet cake mix and coconut oil instead of butter. Kids loved them. Next time I will try Working mom’s recipe as posted in Poornojo’s comment (11th comment).

  9. I just called the company and they said when they use the DONUT MAKER, they use regular boxed cake mix, following the cake mix recipe exactly and bake them a bit longer.

  10. Bought the Babycakes Doughnut maker recently. Have a box of Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cake and Baking Mix. I wonder if anyone’s tried using it for doughnuts yet~ and if so if any modifications were made to enhance the achieve desired results and/or what fun twists anyone has incorporated into their personal recipes.
    I have guests coming over and don’t have time to experiment just yet and can’t afford to purchase additional groceries if I flop, lol.
    Thank to all for all the previous posts. Good information to work with. One person suggested cutting back on liquids in the cake mix, while the Babycakes company says follow cake mix recipe exactly- just bake a little longer. I suppose the brand matters, so I ask this question- if anyone’s tried Trader Joe’s cake mix. Thanks kindly if anyone has any thoughts on it.

  11. I used Jenni’s recipe in my mini donut maker with a chocolate fudge chip cake box mix. I followed the recipe exactly as Jenni stated from SRS and it turned out so delicious. So easy and very delicious.

  12. I have not tried cake mixes personally but if your looking for something quick and easy just use a jiffy muffin mix. I used it and the donuts were amazing. This way you can make blueberry donuts. Hope someone finds this helpful.

    • Thanks for this post! My husband has been asking for blueberry donuts for over a week. I have a box of jiffy BB MM in the pantry so I’ll use that to make him donuts tonight!

  13. I have just used the basic 4-4-4-4 cake mix
    And they have just turned out so soft and delicious
    Try it tastes better than doughnut mixture honest

  14. The answer is YES. I have done this 2 times. Used Pillsbury cake mixes but it probably doesn’t matter what brand. I made the batter exactly the way it says on the box. –No changes. Be sure to spray your donut maker so it doesn’t stick. They turned out great but it did make a lot.

  15. wow !!! great imput from you all.l with ideas/recipes…. can’t wait to try out my new donut maker … never heard of such a kitchen gadget but found it this morning at a rummuge sale ( $2 brand new) and see vast possibilities of donut delights YUYM!!
    I want to take a batch back to the ladies at the rummage sale tomorrow morn and don’t have any eggs in the house so I’m going to try some blueberry pancke mix

  16. Yes, you can use a cake mix. My favorite and the easiest recipe is 1 box spice cake mix (it doesn’t matter what brand) and 1 (15oz) can pumpkin. Mix, and pipe into sprayed donut pan. The mini ones take about 6 mins to bake. It will be VERY thick to pipe, thats ok. They are delicious! I have also used apple butter instead of pumpkin, and put carmel frosting on them, and they taste like carmel apple cake. My daughter prefers the donuts dipped in frosting (canned frosting, warmed in the microwave for a few seconds is super easy), but they are also good when shaken in powdered sugar. Hope this helps, enjoy!

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