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Storing Cake Pops


I have tried making yellow and chocolate cake from cake mixes, and while they turned out great, they were not perfectly round as the batter was too thin.

I am now trying the recipes that came with the machine, and have made both the maraschino cherry ones (doubled the recipe since I couldn’t find a 9 oz. box of white cake mix using the cake mix directions except for the cherry juice part) and red velvet. Both were perfectly round and amazing. I did have a somewhat difficult time with the white chocolate glaze as it seemed to need reheating after 2 dips.


Does anyone know how long you can store cake pops, and where the best place to store them would be? I have kept mine in the fridge for up to 5 days and they were ok, but I feel like they dried out a little. One of my girlfriends that bakes says not to put cake in the fridge at all as it dries the cake out, but I’m worried if I leave it at room temperature that the frosting will become too soft.

Also, has anyone made cake pops ahead of time, frozen them, and then took them out at a later date to bring to a get together? Just curious.


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  1. With my cookies I learned leaving them in a sealed container (on the coun ter) with a slice of bread keeps them moist and fresh. You will notice your bread will harden and your baked items will not. You might try replacing the bread if you keep them out for longer!!!

  2. I found out that if you leave cookies (baked goods) in a sealed container on the counter with a slice of bread in it…. it will keep them fresh and the slice of bread will get hard. You can try replacing the bread with a new slice to see if they can last even longer!!!!

  3. we’re not really big cake eaters in this house (unless they’re warm right out of the oven lol. then they are gone as fast i can make them), so freezing them is the only way they don’t go bad.

  4. i bake mine and freeze them. when I’m ready to decorate (with candy melts), i defrost them partially, insert the stick and go from there. my mom was a cake maker for years and you can freeze cake. usually when you defrost it, it’s as moist as the day you baked it.

    • Hi Amy! I am going to make these for my daughters birthday and was wondering if I freeze them and slightly thaw before dipping them in the candy melts are they going to “sweat” like the post below says?

  5. I add a box of instant vanilla pudding to my box of cake mix. It thickens the batter and the cake is so moist. I never make a cake now without it :)

    • Yes you can but it will taste a little hard so my idea is to not store them and it worked but if your recipe contains anything made out of milk products(cream cheese,etc…) then that will need to be stored!!!

  6. I have stored the batter for muffins in the fridge for a few days inside a ziplock bag. I was making muffin pops.

    I’m going to try storing some cake mix batter in the fridge and see if that works also.

    I let the muffin mix warm up a bit inside the ziplock before making muffin pops.

  7. i store my cake pops on the table, covered with the treat bags and tied. i made some this past sunday and brought them to work yesterday they loved them, i stil have more left and my husband is still eating them, he just asked when i was going to make more.

  8. How come when I made cake pops, I partially froze them as directed, proceeded to make them, but after I was done dipping and they dried beautifully, they “sweated” from them defrosting a bit.. I was bummed. So I just refrigerated them the next time and used them the same, and it happened again. :( My house is not warm at all either. Does this always happen?

  9. I live in Florida and I started to make cakepops to sell. I keep my ac at 78*f . Can I keep my finished cakepops outside the fridge?and for how long??
    Thanks :)

  10. I have to make 200 popcakes for an event that will take place in 4 days, i wonder if i can make them today and live them at room temperature already decorated, maybe covering them with plastic bags? will they get to soft?

  11. I have my friends wedding on saturday. I am leaving for the wedding on friday and I am making 400 cake pops for the wedding. I have all the cake pops made and they are sealed in tupperware in the freezer. I am just wondering if I can start coating them and decorating them tomorrow and if I can put them back in the fridge or if I should just leave them out and wrap them and they will be good for saturday?? I do not want mold to form because I have heard horror stories about that!

  12. I am making 400 cake pops for my friends wedding on saturday. I leave friday for the wedding. All the cake pops are made and are in the freezer in tupperware. I am just wondering if I can take them out tomorrow and start coating them with chocolate and decorating them and when I am done if I can put them back in the fridge or should I just leave them out and wrap them and they will be fine for the wedding?? help :)

  13. Hi
    I need to make cake pops for a wedding but I am in the wedding party so I won’t be able to decorate and bake them the day before. Can I make them and decorate them then freeze them? And if so for how long?
    Thank you!

  14. hi margaret here in ireland,im making 200 cakepops for my own wedding,can i frezze them after being dipped in chocolate and how long can they be stored it days weeks or months

  15. How do I make it so my frosting won’t melt on my wrapping.
    I tried bringing them to school in a lunch box with ice tobkeep them cool but they just melted all over the wrapping anyway.
    Is there another way how to preserve them?

    • My question is can I freeze cake pops after they are made completely will glaze and decoration. And how long after taking out of freezer can I put bags and ribbn on them

  16. I made pops March 14th bagged & tied then placed in a tupperware container in the fridge and brought out on Easter for the kids…It was gone in less than 45 minutes…

  17. I too would LOVE to know the answers to the Qs above/ snipped below: I have very limited fridge/ freezer storage space & my pops WILL be on sticks. How long can the pops stay out on the counter (safely) wrapped in the cello candy wrappers?
    Thanks so much-in advance-for any/all help from you ladies. =0)

    Prev posts from others: >>
    >> How do I make it so my frosting won’t melt on my wrapping.
    I tried bringing them to school in a lunch box with ice tobkeep them cool but they just melted all over the wrapping anyway.
    Is there another way how to preserve them?

    >> Can i start coating them and decorating them tomorrow and if I can put them back in the fridge or if I should just leave them out and wrap them and they will be good for saturday?? I do not want mold to form because I have heard horror stories about that!

    • I coat mine with candy melts. Because it hardens, it doesn’t come off on wrapping paper. I also use gnache and as long as it is very, very cold it will not come off on paper. I have never tried leaving my cake pops on the counter. I have always put them either in the fridge or in the freezer. Many times I made up the batter for the cake balls (cake plus frosting) and then put it back in the fridge and waited several days before finishing them off by dipping them in the candy melts or gnache.

  18. can i store my 200 cake pops dipped and decorated in the frezzer for 3 months,thanking you in advance

  19. I have 200 cake pops to make but i wont be able to make them the day of or before since it is in another town. How long before they go bad can i store them and whATS THE BEST WAY?

  20. Hi I am wanting to make the cake pops for my daughters first birthday party. I have already figured out how to make then and look good, but they were all eaten the first day so I have no idea about storing them. Her party is on Saturday and I wanted to start making them now (tuesday) coated and decorated (with fondant) and I need to know how to store them and if they will taste fresh on the day of her party

    • I don’t put fondant on my cake pops — just the candy melts. However, I have put them in the freezer for at least two weeks, already decorated, wth no problems. I decorate them with choco pan modeling chocolate, (made into little flowers) and those round sprinkle thingy’s.

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  22. You should try using Wilton Melting Chocolate instead of frosting. Just pop the chocolate in the microwave and dip the cake pops into it.

      • Hi CHris BUT is that Decorated or just rolled with stick??
        I need to make quite a lot and would like to do them a few days in advance but am afraid they will lose the look or thatthey will become too dry??
        I use wiltons candy melt and philadelphia frosting. Thanks and greetings from Paris ( so obviously not as hot as florida)


  23. If I make the cake pops on Sunday, my daughters wedding is Friday.
    1. When should I put the coating on them?
    2. Should they be left in the frig. before coating or the freezer?
    3. How many days can they stay in the frig. after candy coating them?
    4. Can they stay out of the frig. for 36 to 48 hours on the counter.
    5. I am traveling and when I arrive to the wedding I will not have a place to refrigerate them.

    Please respond right away.

  24. I have made many cake pops. I have stored them covered in plastic pop bags and sealed in a tupperware container on the counter for one week. They were amazing! I just make some with peanut butter creamed into the mix for camoflouge pop mix (three colors). These pops I stored wrapped in plastic pop bags and a sealed container in the fridge for four days. They were enjoyed and very moist. I think it depends on what you add to your mix. If there are oils (peanut butter) then fridgerate, if just frosting in the mix-the counter is fine.

  25. Is it safe to send cake pops with cream cheese in the mail to Alaska .takes up to 4 days,
    I do this at Christmas ,and for Birthdays .they say it is good but is it safe to do this . want to make truffles and cake pops because my Granddaughter is getting married in June.
    Also I would like to know the answers to all these question. Seems like no one is answering !!!!!

    • Cake pops can go through the mail but there is no guarantee that they wouldn’t spoil. If you are concerned with there freshness I would suggest to ship them in dry ice.

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