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I got the donut maker yesterday and no fixings. I desperately wanted to play with it. So I decided to try to make pancake donuts. Success.

I use instant mix. I would suggest adding vanilla extract to it, more than you usually would for a traditional pancake. Or use a muffin mix like the Jiffy Apple Cinnamon. I use that for pancakes as well… Fill the wells about 90% full… I used a spoon, but next time will use a bag just because the spoon is time consuming. Cook about two minutes, then flip each one over.

Pancakes cool really quickly so you should probably pop into the microwave for about 20-30 seconds. Then just serve with a little bowl of maple syrup. Makes a fun snack.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely breakfast idea!!! I am going to bookmark this and make some!!!!

    Because it sounds delicious! (And all I have is pancake mix haha I just bought my doughnut maker yesterday. Now I must cook!!!

  2. OH! I FORGOT to ask. Did you close the lid then flip them orthem did you cook them with just the bottom half and flip them like normal pancakes?

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