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cake mix??

ok so i tried using cake mix yesterday in the cake pop maker. i made sure to use exactly a tablespoon of mix in each little hole and it made such a mess it was crazy! the cake mix was just pouring out from the sides of the cake pop maker and i just kept wiping it off for the 4 or 5 minutes and the cake pops were only like the bottom half when they were done. but they were so much better than the recipe that came with it! so do you have to change the recipe when you use cake mix? ive heard you cant use jiffy cake mix so i used duncan hines and well it was just bad. anyone with the same problem? anyone tried pound cake mix? what are good brands of cake mix that do work? [chocolate and vanilla/yellow please!]

thanks :)

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  1. I’m also having some issues with cake balls coming flattened on top. When I open the lid after they’ve baked 4 minutes, they look perfect & are done. Any more than 4 to 5 min’s they start to smell like they’re burning so I umplug it. However. After removing them, they literaly start to sink, flatten on top. THe bottom maintains it’s round shape so what I’ve been doing is using the crazy looking side to stick the pop stick into.

    ANother problem I’m having, I’ve used Wilton’s chocolate melts & anotther company, & it seems even when I mis vegetable oil with the melts while heating, it’s still so heavy there are always some that literally fall off the stick while I’m dipping or lightly tapping it off. It seems the cake mix it so fluffy & light it own’t hold the weight. ANY suggestions for BOTH issues ~ the cake mix needs something, BUT WHAT ~ to make the finished product more dense… & still taste like cale… & 2, what’s the best chocolate to use ~ you always see these perfect photos of pops online & I wonder how they get the chocolate to look SO good!

  2. Danielle,
    I had the EXACT same problem! I was ready to scream! What a mess, and I so wanted to surprise my guests with a new treat. Had to make cupcakes instead. Please someone, anyone, tell us what to do or what mix to use. Flat cake pops are not an option!! Thanks much :)

  3. Denser scratch cake batters seem to work best. I use a pastry bag to quickly fill each cavity to the edge. Then test after 3 minutes with a toothpick to make sure they are done. Hope this helps!

  4. I used the Duncan Hines and had the same problem. I put the batter in a zip lock and filled the wells about 90% then cooked for 4 1/2 minutes.. they were not perfectly round, but were really close and tasted delicious!

  5. I used duncan hines red velvet cake mix. The first time I made I just as the package said and the mix was all over I basically had a pancake looking thing with half round balls. S my second attempt I tried using less water but still spilling over. So I finally got frustratd and just added some extra baking powder the only this was I didn’t measure and it got really close to balls that they have pictured. So might work with white or yellow cake too… good luck.

  6. I have the whoopee pie maker and it comes with the recipe for using a cake mix and so I used the same recipe for the cake pops and it made the pops more round and denser. Once they cool put them in the freezer for a bit to get them cold and then put them on the stick and then dip them in the melted candy. This helps the candy to dry quicker.

    It felt like a lot of work to make them with the sticks so I have been just making them as cake balls and laying them on wax paper to dry. I made red velvet ones and injected cream cheese frosting into them and then dipped them in the red (vanilla flavor) candy melts. Everyone loved them.

    2 cups of cake mix (half of an 18.5 oz. cake mix)
    4 tablespoons butter, melted
    ½ cup water
    1 egg

    mix and pour into cake pop wells. I used my pampered chef easy accent decorator to fill the wells.

      • I just my CakePop maker for the first time and followed the recipe from SRS and they turned out AMAZING!!!! I am so suprised that it actually worked the first time around! I kept them in for about 4 minutes or until the little “ready” light went off. And I filled the bottem well almost full. They came out perfectly round and fluffy, I’m so excited!!! I got 3 1/2 dozen out of the recipe.
        I don’t know if different cake mixes will come out differently. I used a Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Moist Delux mix and it tastes great. I’m going to try Betty Crocker white mix with little sprinkle thingys in it next so we’ll see how it turns out!

    • Best recipe! Thanks. My main problem with the Baby Cakes maker is that it gets too dang hot! I had to keep turning the machine off whenever I baked a batch, to keep the pops from burning.

  7. I just got my Babycakes cake pop maker and used the Funfetti cake mix in mine. Filled them to just below the top. Baked them for 4 minutes and they turned out perfect! Let them cool and frosted them. Big hit at work!

    • this is exactly what i’m planning on making, but I have a question, did you doctor the recipe on the box directions or make it exactly as you would a regular cake/cupcake?

      thanks so much!

  8. I used my neighbour’s cake pop maker (before I got my own YESTERDAY!!!!) last week. I made the apple cider donut hole recipe. YUMMY!!!

    But I used my cake mix batter too and had no problem. I used a mini ice cream scoop for the batter and they were divine!!!!

    If you love to bake get the Cake Mix Doctor recipe books and these are the recipes I used for my perfect little pops!

  9. I used the a pound cake mix for my cake pops and they turned out perfect and tasty because I also added some almond flavoring. I think you must use a dense cake recipe or pancake recipe to get the mix to rise and get perfect little balls. I also found using a ziploc bag to pipe them in is fast and cleaner.
    Kimical B

  10. From the kitchen of Sweet Sarah’s: Cake in better quality form shouldn’t matter, but baking powder should. Adding up to a tsp more can help. But shouldn’t be needed. Cake not rising or too liquified is usually overworked or to not accurate ingredients. I worked with molding chocolates for my business and the secret to any dipping, is freezing. After you have made any ball that you would like to dip, freeze for up too 3 hours. This does not affect flavor or texture. Once dip of choice is ready, remove balls from freezer and start dipping. It will harden quickly and won’t “break the cake”! :) If using the pop version, place sticks into balls before freezing. :) Enjoy!

  11. I used the cake pop maker with a boxed cake mix. The balls were perfectly round, and looked great. When I tried to put the stick in, the balls just slid right down the stick. I put them in the freezer, but once they thawed, they slid down the stick again. Any suggestions?

    • Dena,

      I had this same problem. I came here to see if there were any suggestions…
      I used Pillsbury Devils Food chocolate cake mix. I put them in the frigde for about 30 mins after they had cooled down at room temp. When I put them on stick, they held up. The minute I dipped them in chocolate dip they slipped down or broke off.
      Not sure what to do. Was so excited about my babycakes pop, but started to feel deflated after 3rd try!!

      • Dip the stick in the candy melt before inserting (just the end)…then put into cake ball…then dip the ball in the candy melt…I only dip half the ball to save time and candy and it seems to work really good. Then put the stick on a styrofoam board and put in freezer for about 5 minutes…done. You can then do whatever you want with them and they will stay together. Have made lots and lots of cake pops this way and it works great!!!! Also when decorating after you dip the ball in the candy melt you can then sprinkle with candies or whatever…decorations will stick to the candy melt before it handens!

    • The booklet that comes with the cake pop maker says to put frosting on the stick before sticking it in the ball. Then stick it in the refrigerator to harden.

  12. I saw Krustez has a muffin mix you just add water to and shake in the container. I was wondering how this might work in the cupcake maker. Anyone know? My daughter is in college and lives in a dorm. She asked for the cupcake maker for Christmas. I thought if all she had to do was add water and shake and then pour in that would fairly easy in her dorm room. DO you think hose would work?

  13. My daughter lives in a dorm at college. She has been wanting to make cupcakes but it is rather difficult. She saw the cupcake maker and thought that would be perfect. we were looking for cake mixes that all you have to do is add water(remember those boxes that you mixed it in the container that came with the package and put in the microwaved). We could not find those any where. We did find muffin mix by krustez that was in a bottle and all you do is add water and shake. Do you think that would work in the cupcake maker?

  14. I just got the cake pop maker. I made my first batch. I used 1 regular box of chocolate cake mix, 1 1/4 cups water, 1/4 cup veggie oil, and 3 eggs — same as the box says. They came out PERFECT! I used a pastry bag and filled it with cake mix. Cut a hole in corner of pastry bag and filled each pop resevoir to top. I shut lid and baked for 4 1/2 minutes. Took out the donut holes and placed in freezer 5 mins. Melted chocolate, dipped pop sticks in and placed into donut hole (so they stay). Placed back in freezer for 10 minutes. Used a teaspoon to cover each cake pop with melted chocolate and then sprinkled on top toppings of choice. They came out great. 1 Box of cake mix will make about 60-80 cake pops. I bought the cellophane wrappers at the craft store with the twist ties and toppings. A fun treat that looks/tastes great — and low calorie (if you do smart toppings!)

  15. I HAVE to use the box cake mixes!! Things that I have found that work well for me…Add a small box of pudding mix, and a PINCH of baking powder…OR add less water and also a PINCH of baking powder…The pudding batter…Add the pudding mix AFTER you have mixed the cake batter, because the pudding sets up fast, also, because you are adding pudding mix, the batter will be super thick and you will probably need to spoon it in, but they turn out beautifully!! However…just adding less water, and extra baking powder does just as well AND you can use a 24oz squeeze bottle to put the batter in…I LOVE my squeeze bottle!!!

  16. Do i add more baking powder to a box of cake mix?? If so how much?? When i tried to make chocolate cake pops the top didn’t rise like it should…

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